Sunday, November 1, 2009

It Looks So Simple

There are times when I finish making a card, and think, how could it have taken me so long to make.
This card is a perfect example. I spent about 45 minutes on it. There is no special technique involved. I didn't have to think about the layout, since I used Mary Jo's Monday Lunchtime Sketch.
What happens is, even though I have a general idea of what I want to card to look like, I end up spending loads of time working out the little details. For example, I stamped a script background on the olive piece, and I tried it both with the writing running straight across, and then overlapping and at an angle. I decided to go with the angle. But then I decided to add the butterflies over the script, so I had to redo stamp it lighter, so the butterflies would show.
You know what though, that is really one of the things I love about making cards...all the time spent on the details. It's what makes each card unique and individual. I never know exactly how the card is going to turn out until I'm finished. So while I look at a card and think, it looks so simple, there is a lot of time and love that goes in to each one. :)
Make sure you check out Mary Jo's blog to see what she's come up with this week. I'm sure it's as wonderful as always!


MJ said...

This is wonderful. So pretty. Great job with the sketch, thanks so much for playing along.

Basement Stamper said...

Gorgeous card, this was one of my all time favorite stamps from SU!

rozie640 said...

Beautiful card, love the color and I totally understand about the time it takes to birth a card! Awesome job.