Saturday, September 19, 2009


Is anyone else sick of their garden? The tomatoes just keep coming. I guess that's what happend when you plant 18 of them :) I'm ready to be done, but know I'll love it this winter.

I made loads of salsa this week, and it's very yummy! Next week will be more sauce.

Then it's window washing time. Something I've been trying to get done since the beginning of September.

After that I am offically declaring a craft day for me! I keep saying it, but I should be back to regular posts soon (I hope). Please don't abandon me :) I will return!


Melissa said...

Ha! I hear ya! I keep thinking of projects to do with fall arriving too! Seems I keep adding to my to do list and my creative projects get neglected big time! Don't worry, I'll check back! :)

~Michelle~ said...

thatsa lotsa tomatoes!! :) how do you make your sauce?! inquiring minds would love to know! :)