Thursday, July 30, 2009

Not At All About Cards...

But here is a part of what has been keeping me busy! :)

Meet Murphy----->

He's sweet, and loving, and right now he is my favorite!

And meet Patrick--->

He's sweet too, and fun, and a little more adventerous.

They are both full of energy and mischief. We are having a great time with them! And wow, do they keep us busy!


Claudia said...

They are both just adorable! Thanks for sharing your "kids" with us :-)

live2stamp said...

I can completely relate! We're "puppy-sitting" for some people who had to leave the country for 2 months. Haven't had a dog in 8 years--forgot how busy they keep you! Haven't been in my craft room as much as I'd hoped either!

MJ said...

Awwww, how cute are they! I love puppies! Well actually I love all animals but as with humans they are always cuter as babies, lol!